Shade Tree Lawn & Landscaping LLC is fully insured with both general liability as well as workers compensation. Just what does this mean to you? General liability insurance covers us in the event of an accident, also covers your property in the event of an accident. Workers compensation covers all employees of Shade Tree Lawn and Landscaping LLC in the event that they are out of work due to an accident on your property. By having these types of insurance, this releases you the property owner from any liability.


Shade Tree will be more than happy to provide any prospective or current customers copies of our insurance certificates as well as our pesticide applicators license upon request.


Although it is very hard to believe, there are lawn care, fertilizer, harscape and landscape companies that operate without any insurance at all. Allowing an uninsured company to do work on your property is a huge liability!


Shade Tree Lawn & Landscaping LLC is licensed by the State of New Jersey D.E.P. to apply pesticides and fertilizers. NJ DEP license number 53523B. In order to be a licensed applicator in the State of New Jersey, company representatives must enroll in rigorous classes thru Rutgers.








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